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19th January 2009

10:52pm: MEME
MEME! from irianamistifi et al.
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year.
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a story. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange
-I make no promises as to timeliness

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well. We all can make stuff!
Also, you will have to give me an address to send said "stuff" to.
Current Mood: amused

6th February 2008

6:08am: Winter Sadness
I have the winter sadness disorder as well. Too much to do and not enough sunlight. Off to work I go!
Current Mood: distressed

29th January 2008

11:49am: New Office Nears Completion
Yesterday was a big day. Jeph moved his desk and guitars upstairs in the afternoon. After packing shirts for 4 hours, I enlisted reinforcements and brought in Kat to help me move the shirts. It took about 4 hours but we got all of the shelves and the tshirt boxes into the new office. I moved my desk and accompanying equipment late last night so the new office is officially in business. I met one of our new neighbors and he is really nice. Mr. Gavin is Scottish and runs Small Beer Press; he is married to Kelly Link (the author). Amusingly, they were also at Vericon, but we didn't get introduced. With Theo and Curt across the hall, we will be a fun indie press group. Woo, lunch pals!
Current Mood: excited

23rd January 2008

7:35am: All night long.
I packed shirts all night long again. Somehow, I can pack more stuff late at night. Fewer people online to talk to I guess. Counting todays shipment, we've gotten around 400 lbs of shirts in the past three days. Shirts Shirts Shirts!

Thanks, Kat and Shaun for folding for me!
Current Mood: distressed

8th January 2008

6:54am: Hello World
It is a new year! So many things have happened. Jeph and I are engaged as everyone on the internet knows. We moved into a new place that is slightly shmancier and we can now wave at the Eastworks building from our front stoop. I suppose this means we will be shopping at Blue Moon Grocery and I will have to start wearing hippie dresses and trying to Save the Aquifer (this only makes sense if you live in Northampton or Easthampton.) Christmas was pretty fun this year, no bar-fights or anything like that. I got an engagement ring, an iPhone, a sewing machine, and a set of Jadite bowls from the 1940s. They are all quite pretty and shiny.

Jeph and I had already sorted out what we would like to do when we get married so I don't have to hop on the crazy-bride train at all. No wedding for us. We are going to get hitched at the courthouse and then have wild parties in Maryland (for his alcohol imbibing, dancing kinfolk) and in Tennessee (for my non-alcohol imbibing, non-dancing kinfolk.) Hopefully this means we will offend few and everyone will have a good time. Plus, Jeph won't have to dress up and I won't have to pretend to be a virgin. Everyone wins!

I'm about a week late posting my resolutions but here goes anyway:

I will...
...cook more, eat at restaurants less.
...abstain from reading crappy celebrity magazines.
...write more letters to my grandmother.
...go to the gym at least 7 times a month in order to justify the money we spend on the membership (and hopefully go more than that.)
...talk less, listen more.
...stop saying "Yes" when I should say "No".
...stop missing appointments because I get too busy and forget them.

I think that those are all within my reach and quite reasonable. I left off the usual "lose X amount of weight" and "read X amount of books", I refuse to make myself feel guilty if I all I read this year is silly historical fiction and if I don't lose any weight at all.

I am going to post pictures of the new apartment this coming weekend when I get a chance to do more organization. Too many t-shirts to pack to do it during the week.
Current Mood: chipper

28th August 2007

6:29am: Big Red
(no this is not an entry about my menstrual cycle)

Recently while I was under the influence of cycle mania due to too much IRCing with Dan and AJ, I impulse-bought a 1965 Schwinn Typhoon mens bike. It is totally awesome. However, when it arrived disassembled, I realized that I have no idea how to assemble a bike, much less a practically antique bike with vintage dirt on it. I immediately went into "I am an engineer's daughter, I can do this" mode. And then I realized that I do not own a socket wrench. Boy is that Bad News™ when you are putting together a bicycle. So far the things I can do without a socket wrench set:

a) get dirty
b) screw on pedals and seat apparatus
c) fruitlessly try to attach the front fender

More as it progresses...
Current Mood: stymied

31st July 2007

9:45pm: The Thrill of Mingling with the Masses
Oh what a joy it is to sit in the midst of loud cell phone conversations, overly scented ladies and screaming children. We are currently encamped in what can only be described as the "butt-hole" of JFK's Jetblue terminal, languishing in the oft-lauded melting pot that New York is. Ah, New York and all of the entitlement and brassiness that it entails. (Also, Mary Chapin Carpenter is playing on the P.A. system. WTF?)

At any rate, we will be back in quiet, rural western Massachusetts later tonight, surrounded by dirty laundry and bunnies. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing our little fuzzy ones, not so thrilled at needing to do a weeks' worth of laundry. Comic-Con was great, except for the day and a half of food poisoning. I managed to keep up with my schoolwork and I think I remembered to call everyone I needed to call. (Except for Bill and Andrea, Happy Anniversary!) I saw Deanna Troy (I'm so nerdy I couldn't even go up to her), Danny Bonaduce (small, grizzled, very red), Wil Wheaton (taller than I expected, I nearly peed myself with excitement and didn't say a thing) and the guy who played the Hulk on tv back in the day (he looked pretty buff). It was great fun hanging out with Ashton, Sam, Chris H., Josh, Ben and (a lady!) Tina. (Not to mention the ever stylish White Ninja crew from Saskatoon and the always riotous Christian and Pontus from Little Gamers.) I finally got to meet the lovely Kelly Vivanco and I bought two more of her darling Patches paintings. (OMG BUNNY IN A DRESS.) And I saw my special once-a-year LiveJournal buddy (she says I never update; and she is right).

Hopefully this week will be one of lots of shipping and email answering, cleaning of the apartment and settling back into being at home instead of traveling every other weekend. More later!
Current Mood: calm

6th September 2006

6:48am: In the Tradition of RStevens and my boyfriend (who is not RStevens)...
A few life goals of my own:

-Finish my B.A. in English before I get grey hair.
-Get my MLS in a timely fashion after finishing my B.A.
-Acquire and maintain fluency in French (partially there already) and Spanish.
-Read Ulysses, Finnegan's Wake and finally get through all of Madame Bovary (I HATE Madame Bovary) without quitting.
-Get my pilot's license.
-Learn to sew on my old-school sewing machine.
-Conquer my fear of having my parents come to visit.
-Either get married or tell my parents that I will never be getting married so they can stop nagging me about it once and for all. :)
-Purchase a home of my own.
-Learn to play the piano.
-Have a hairbrush surgically implanted on my wrist so that I will stop losing them.
-Visit the Galapagos Islands at least once.

I feel those are reasonable goals. Perhaps I will become a deep sea diver but I doubt it. I'm terrified of submarines.
Current Mood: awake

26th August 2006

11:24pm: Meet our new rabbit!
That's right. We've made the transition from "people who own rabbits" to "Rabbit People". Please meet our new rabbit Winifred:

She is about 2 lbs. and is very dainty. She's all fuzz and ears right now and she even steps on them sometimes. (It is SO cute.) Enjoy!

26th July 2006

7:31pm: Convention-palooza
Oy, I just re-read my last entry, and clearly I should not be allowed near a keyboard when sleep deprived. Anyway, so we got back from San Diego on Monday and Tuesday was spent re-grouping (i.e. sleeping and shopping). I now possess two new dresses and two new tops. Add that to my three t-shirts and knee-high boots from San Diego and my wardrobe is looking pretty spiffy! I also got these shoes:

They are really comfortable.
I saw Julie and Major Tom at ComiCon. She and I had a lovely chat and he wandered off. This year I managed to only buy a few things instead of bankrupting myself. We saw and met so mant nice people this year! Malki! and his lovely wife Nikki came by and went out on the sketch tour with us. We finally got to meet Claire (Sam Logan's lady.) All in all, there were more ladies which is cool, cause I like ladies.

30th June 2006

4:43am: Just a little update...
My sleep schedule is SO wacky right now. I've been working like crazy (and so have Jeph and Felicia) and it feels like we are finally getting back on top of everything. I've been taking an English class at UMass Online and I am really enjoying it. I've even gotten B's or B+'s on all of my papers! My problem is: I have no time to do anything else! I love having Felicia around at the office. Not only does she do a great job, but I get to be around a real live lady part of the time! My lack has been sorely lacking in estrogen as of late. I got some awesome new glasses frames after having the same ones since I was 16. They are blue and amber layered plastic. They are quite a statement (according to the nice man who helped me pick them out.) I promise to post pictures when I remember to take some!
Current Mood: awake

1st April 2006

4:08am: The Fruition of a Plan
Ok everyone, it looks like we have enough interest to get going! Go here to join: http://community.livejournal.com/nocandyland/ !

(Note: This is a protected community so no one will be able to join unless I okay it.) If you are interested in joining and have not commented on my previous post yet, please do so! That way I will know who you are. Go go fun stuff!

31st March 2006

3:11am: An Idea I Had in the Shower
I've been trying to lose a few pounds (specifically 15) for awhile now. I'm not making much progress. I have determined that this is due in large part to my overwhelming desire to stuff my face with highly processed sugary goodies late at night. (My high stress level and hectic schedule probably do not help.) Then late last night, while contemplating the bag of potato chips and ice cream that I deeply desired, I had an idea. Why not start a food diary community with a few of my LJ friends who are also seeking to lose weight? It might just give me (and others) the accountability I need to stay on the right diet track.

Here is the tentative plan: Each person who chooses to participate would keep a (very honest) record of what they eat each day and then publish it each week. Then we can give each other feedback and encouragement. I know that not everyone wants to reveal their goal weight or how much they currently weigh, that isn't really important to this. What is important is that we record our progress. If you lose 2 lbs. in a week, tell others so they can high-five you. If you gain 2 lbs. tell others and they can help you identify what you might be missing in your own diet.

This is for encouragement and support only. Thus we will make each post a "friends only" post. To avoid the haters so to speak.

All those in favor, post a comment!

P.S. If you are not trying to lose weight, but you are interested in promoting a healthier lifestyle, a food diary can be beneficial. Skinnier folk should feel free to join in.

19th January 2006

1:29pm: YAY TAGGED!

Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 Guilty Pleasures" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their 5 Guilty Pleasures as well as state this rule. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. CHOCOLATE. I live for it.

2. CHEESE. For breakfast, second breakfast, early lunch...you get the drift. Hips be damned.

3. Colette. The mother of all smutty romance novels. (Technically the Marquis de Sade would have to be the father.)

4. Housewares. I <3 KitchenAid. And I really really want a Scooba (because I hate mopping.)

5. Project Runway and America's Next Top Model. Ok, there is really no defending this, sorry.

Current Mood: chipper

11th October 2005

3:23am: Cannonball rhymes with camisole...
...And other things I learned from the Decemberists:

a) Colin Meloy really does talk like that.

b) Shows that I think are really awesome are just "okay" by others' standards.

c) I should be glad I am so tall, it is much easier for me to see at shows.

At any rate, I was totally peopled-out post show, but we had a good time. Hanging out with Heather, Ben, Daniel, Eric and Lisa pre-show was pretty sweet despite the strange soundtrack. We really should have brought a collapsible crate for Heather to perch on during the show. My hair has grown so much lately, and I feel it is time for more bunny pictures so here we are:

You can't tell, but I am wearing my Wigu "My wife is a slut" shirt in this picture.

Oh my goodness, the bunnies are kissing!
Current Mood: sleepy

3rd October 2005

3:10pm: I'm so hip and trendy
So I am now officially addicted to "Footballers Wives". Think "Desperate Housewives" with British accents and a David Beckham look-alike. The BBC is my enemy. I've been going to water aerobics and it is deeply amusing. The class is comprised of me, a 30ish instructor, and 7 or 8 70-year-olds. I'm so hip and trendy! (On a side note, telling my mom what size bathing suit I needed so she could send one to me means that I escaped bathing suit shopping entirely! Woohoo!) We <3 Katamari is even more awesome than the original game and Jeph has pretty much "pwned" the entire game already. (What exactly does "pwned" mean?) I'm finally making some real life friends that live close enough to hang out with and that is making me very happy. Hurray for new friends and for the leaves changing color!
Current Mood: amused

15th August 2005

1:19am: Happy Birthday to Me
WOOHOO! I am now 23! Saturday was a great day with dinner and bowling with Daniel and Heather (and my darling Jeph of course), then we all came back here to have some cake and play Katamari Damacy. Eric and Jessie (all the way from AZ!) came over and brought me a giant pixie stick :) I learned that while taking out captive-ball earrings is easy, recapturing the balls is impossible. I think I might apply for a couple of jobs since everyone seems to be hiring and eventually Jeph will be bored of me being around constantly.

Wilbur has learned to climb up AND down the stairs. So now the entire apartment is his little playground. This could prove a bad thing...but I'm sure it will provide some great picture opportunities.
Current Mood: happy

24th July 2005

12:27am: Getting home from San Diego was an Adventure. Jeph got through the new Harry Potter book and half a David Sedaris book and an Isaac Asimov book as well. I finished "The House with the Green Shutters" (darkest ending of a book ever, this includes Anna Karenina), David Sedaris' "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and I waded into Sylvia Plath's Unabridged Journals. So it was a long journey home with some rather long delays. I did get to do more reading than I had accomplished in the previous month. Today Jeph and I have been together for ten months. We celebrated by going bowling and getting coffee at the Haymarket. I learned that the Haymarket has gross iced coffee (even though their hot stuff is great and technically it should be the same except with ice.) I managed to run out of one of my medications while in San Diego so now I get to go through another round of side effects before my body readjusts. I get to experience the side effect of feeling like I have chronic fatigue syndrome for two weeks. Hurray for having no energy and being extremely lethargic for no reason! My doctor suggested drinking lots of caffeinated beverages. Considering that I don't normally consume anything caffeinated except chocolate this will be an exciting couple of weeks! (Either that or I will be taking a lot of naps) I missed my laptop and my Wilbur but now we are all back together again. I did a little watercolor card yesterday with my new water-soluble crayons acquired at the Blick Store:

I think it turned out well!
Current Mood: lethargic

19th July 2005

2:48am: We survived ComiCon
Heavens to Betsy, ComiCon was great! I met so many nice people and I lost my voice from talking too much. I met more web-comic artists than I can name and did some hardcore shoe shopping with Jenny (girlfriend of Kent from White Ninja). I sorta lost my mind in front of James Kochalka and told him that Wilbur enjoys sitting on his book (and then he wrote a comic about it at American Elf) I am very excited! I made friends with Julie (she knows who she is). Poor Ashton (who hosts several of the Dayfree guys) put up with my antics on coffee runs, shopping expeditions and lunch excursions. A very nice fan named Jeremy dressed up as Pintsize much to our amusement. My older sister, Sarah, came down from L.A. to hang out and she liked it so much she stayed an extra day! Tomorrow, Jeph and I are going to the San Diego Zoo and I cannot wait. They have pandas, penguins and giraffes. I miss Wilbur and our plants but we will be together again soon.

A super-awesome QC fan from the LJ community came by to meet us and then waited in line to buy hotdogs for us. What was your LJ name, super-awesome fan? You rule and I want to friend you :)
Current Mood: cheerful

10th July 2005

8:48pm: I need more excitement in my life, I think...
I am happy to report that I now have my very own office! Yesterday, for no particular reason, I busily rearranged and organized a space for work in the guest bedroom. Wilbur (the bunny) is very pleased because now he gets to play in two rooms while people work. I have a hard time knowing when to stop working so maybe this will help. (I doubt it will help me remember to return library books on time though.) Here is a picture of my workspace in action:

Current Mood: excited

4th July 2005

2:50am: A Very Regal Bunny
I spent a long time trying to get a cute picture of our bunny Wilbur. I failed and all I have to show for it is this picture:

He is trying to show you how wonderful and regal he is. So regal that he has a whole pile of hay from his owner who was trying to bribe him into sitting still. Really the rabbit is just smarter than I am and knows how to get treats and food whenever he wants it.
Current Mood: amused

27th June 2005

9:45pm: There is a family of raccoons living behind our apartment building! A big mommy raccoon and four babies that are quite furry and adorable. I've been working furiously packing Irony shirts and Wilbur seems to enjoy dragging the envelopes around.

In other news: I don't think tropical plants enjoy air conditioners blowing directly on them. Just so you know...

25th June 2005

10:28pm: Interactive Fireworks
We almost died of fireworks tonight. It was pretty awesome.

Let me set the scene: a crowd of families, high schoolers and confused hipsters 5000 strong gathered on a sports field in rural Massachusetts. A large fireworks show was set up too near said field and there was a sudden wind shift just before the beginning. As the fireworks began, between oohs and aahs the crowd noticed that some of the embers were falling on top of them. Ash rained down and concerned parents began covering their children and moving for cover. I repeatedly said to Jeph, "We are going to die!" and of course he insisted that we were fine. I huddled close to Jeph and fought the urge to flee while Jeph laughed and watched for burning things. Thankfully we didn't die. And the fireworks were quite pretty despite their too near proximity.

All in all, we are fine and the city will probably be sued by some injured person next week.

In other news:

It is important to look at your partner's clothing before you leave the house if you own several of the same shirt design. Otherwise you wind up buying a shirt in Northampton before you go to dinner so that you are not wearing matching black unicorn shirts. (I did get a really cute green shirt with a little penguin on it though, so maybe it was okay.)
Current Mood: Not On Fire

19th June 2005

3:37pm: Are Jello Pudding Sundaes really a Good Idea?
I suppose it really doesn't matter, but every time I see a commercial for Jello Pudding topped with chocolate sauce in a little cup, I get a little grossed out. My new Dino Comics bag makes the BEST gym bag ever. Every one should have one. The people at the YMCA must think I REALLY like dinosaurs. I have been reading D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers and I must say it is creeping me out. Just a bit too much mother-son kissing if you ask me. Time to get back to my laundry and dishes. I think I was supposed to do something else today but I forgot...
Current Mood: bemused

16th June 2005

10:16pm: Dear People Who Make Pants that Have No Hips In Them,



Today I realized that my self-esteem is at an all-time low. I'm not as shapely as I used to be. When I was younger I struggled with anorexia for about a year. My first year in college I walked around hungry so that I would feel like I was attractive. This was compounded by my awful relationships and other self-destructive behaviors. In the past year and a half I have made a concerted effort to be more healthy and take better care of myself. I feel unattractive because I have to ask stores what the largest size they carry in pants is. Most stores in the mall only carry up to a 14 (which just happens to be the size that I feel most comfortable in because I am trying to hide my generous hips). I work out and I feel self-conscious because I am not petite like the other girls. I don't know what to pick out at stores anymore. It is hard to stay in the background when you are dating an "internet personality" so I guess I shouldn't wear Jeph's old clothes. My problem is that I'm not overweight and I'm not super skinny. I'm shaped like a woman with hips and a fairly small waist and proportional breasts. I stand a full head above most of the girls that I am around and that just makes me feel giant. Jeph says that he wants me to dress like a 23-year-old, but I really don't know how to do that. I've lost my self confidence somewhere between Tennessee and Massachusetts and I need to get it back.
Current Mood: confused
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